Amsterdam Live!

Hey my friends!
I am in Amsterdam at my friend's home now.
It took almost a day to travel from Copenhagen to Amsterdam.
That a pain of ass… but fun to sit in a car to travel for that long…

We are just taking rest and ready to go out again at night.
Oh yeah, red night district! An area with lot of chicks and sex shop.
We might watch a live sex show and drinking whole night.

There are a lot of legal drug "Coffie  Shop" which you can order drug within the shop.
Some of my friend are drug taker (soft one…), and smoke those devil stuff there.
Of course, I am a good boy, STAY AWAY FROM DRUG!

While we pass throught the red night district at noon,
I was fucked up by a chick… damn it.
I just pick up my camera and taking photo with the sex shop,
The chick is posing (well, promoting) inside the window.
And suddently came out and shout:
"No fucking picture here!"
I replied:
"I didn't!"
She keep talking:
"No fucking picture here!"
I still keep replied:
"I didn't take any thing!"
Finally, she go back in the windows and I was OTLed… fuxk

Amsterdam girls is beautiful.
I will post some picture later…
Yeah, bless me, I am not going to do anything bad tonight.
I am in serious

Oh yeah, I was back to my sleeping place and safe now.

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  1. It might be my last travl trip in Europe.
    Spain is in south part, the ticket is more expensive.
    i want to go before I leave Denmark, but I don't have enough time.

    Yeah, Internet everywhere, why not?
    I am in friend's home, so should be making BEST use of the time.